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To have a Refractive error in eyes is a very common problem in our life. About 40% of the total population wear Glasses or Contact lens. To  have a  Refractive error  is a natural thing. By using proper  Glasses, we can solve  the  problem  of a Refractive error. But a person suffers a  lot  because  of  Glasses. For  e.g. The Glasses can create a problem in sports, swimming, driving and many other routine works. The Glasses  might  be  a problem to get the job in several professions  like Navy, Airfroce, Police, Agriculture  and  some  other  Industries. A  very common and major problem with Glasses is a cosmetic problem.

The promise of non-spectacle vision has been a dream for centuries. Contact lens  offered a solution  to  the  cosmetic  aspect  but  placed  the cornea at risk, if care guidelines were  not  strictly adhered to. Many  patients  simply  cannot tolerate contact lens  for  medical  reasons  and  many  are  not willing  to  perform the daily maintenance required.

Our  hospital  is  trying  to  eliminate the need of glasses for people since years. In these efforts the technique known as Redial Keratotomy (RK) was  the method of choice during 80's. But  the  technique remained always  controversial. These  days the most common corneal  refractive  procedures  are Photo Refractive Keratectomy (PRK) and Laser in situ keratomilusis (LASIK).The most advanced technique in LASIK is C-LASIK which requires wavefront Laser. C-LASIK or wavefront Laser is becoming more and more popular world wide.


In  PRK, an Excimer  laser is  used to ablate the surface  of  the  cornea, flattening it as appropriate of the individual patient. Here  laser beam is directly applied on  the  corneal  surface  and remove  few microns  of  the corneal tissue and change the corneal curvature PRK technique can correct only minor Refractive error.



Lasik or Laser in situ Keratomileusis reshapes the cornea by using a laser beam, there by altering its curvature.Calculated change in nthe curvature of the cornes corrects the vision.After this change the image is focused at a right place on the retina and this makes picture clear without glass.


The procedure is very short and comfortable. Using an instrument called Microkeratome a thin flap of corneal tissue of 90 to140 micron is raised. Laser is applied on the corneal bed and the corneal flap is reposited back, where it bonds without the need of stitches.

Advanced Excimer Laser is used to perform LASIK and PRK. Netradeep eye hospital is equipped  with  the Most advanced Excimer Laser machine, ALCON- WaveLight EX-500  for Customised & Optimised Lasik and PRK. With this machine we can do the refractive surgery with the great precision and safety.Eximer Laser works by removing some microns of the corneal tissue.

In Myopia (short sightedness), central corneal tissue is removed and by that curvature of the cornea is reduced. In Hypermetropia (far sightedness) curvature of the central cornea is increased by removing mid peripheral corneal tissue.


If you fulfill the following criteria, then don't wait, come forward and forget your glasses.

1. Age between 18 and 45 years.

2. Stable number for more than last 1 year.

3. Have healthy eye.

4. There should not be any sign of ocular pathology like Keratoconus and systemic pathology like collagen disease.

5. In pregnancy this surgery should be avoided.

6. Patient's expectation and understanding is important criteria before undergoing Lasik surgery.


1. The machine can correct myopia up to -14 D. and hyperopia up to +6 D. and astigmatism up to 6.0 to 7.0 D.

2. This is an irreversible technique.

3. Contrast sensitivity is not so good as glasses and contact lenses (this problem is almost solved by C-LASIK.