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Human beings always want to have the best in the world for themselves in the process of evolution. Man always wanted to fly like a bird and to have eyes like an eagle. Man has already started flying in sky as well as in space and now eagle’s eye vision is possible with Customised LASIK.  Human eye is capable of vision better than the conventional 6/6 or 20/20  in many cases by C-LASIK.

C-LASIK is the customized ablation wavefront technology and it is the ultimate technique for LASIK. The advance machine which is used for C-LASIK is 5th Generation Alcon WaveLight EX500 laser. It is just installed at NETRADEEP EYE HOSPITAL PVT. LTD., RAJKOT.

can be compared to a tailor-made wedding dress, that is altered and shaped to best suit the unique requirements of each individual. The cornea of the eye, as well, is unique to each person and varies in shape and size, so treatment by NAVEX is very precise and altered to suit to the requirements of each person.

The Potential Benefits of Customized LASIK.

1. Greater chance of achieving 6/6 vision
2. Greater chance of achieving better than 6/6 vision
3. Reduced chance of losing best corrected vision
4. Reduced chance of losing visual quality or contrast sensitivity
5. Reduced chance of night vision disturbances and glare
6. Increased ability to restore best corrected vision if healing problems develop

Difference between LASIK & C-LASIK


All vision disorders for which glasses have to be used are measured in terms of sphere or cylinder or a combination of both. The best-corrected vision is termed 6/6. In simple Lasik, the sphere and cylinder power of a person' eye is fed into the memory of the laser machine, and the laser then corrects the error. This means that myopia of -2.0 will be corrected in the same way in all individuals with this error.


It is now known that sphere and cylinder constitute about 90-92% of the visual disorders in an optical system of a human eye. The rest is attributed to higher order aberrations. Correction of these aberrations along with the usual spherical and cylinder power of the eye result in a better sharpness and quality of vision. These higher order aberrations along with the usual sphere and cylinder errors can now be measured and documented with the help of a special machine called an aberrometer. This machine records this data in the form of eye maps and the laser beam then corrects these optical errors. Thus C-Lasik is a personalized Laser program and would be different for every eye.

C-LASIK offers multiple benefits to spectacle & contact lens users:

1. A new visual freedom with a clear natural vision without the hassles and inconvenience of corrective lenses.
2. Enhances self confidence and personality.
3. Matrimonial benefits where spectacles may be considered a stigma by some.
4. Better carrier opportunities in certain services where spectacles are not allowed.
5. No more fogging of spectacles in winter.
6. Stage artists need not fear from their eye expressions getting lost behind a frame. Also eliminates problem of arc light glare.
7. Advantage to sports people where spectacles keep slipping on a sweaty nose.
8. No more unsightly marks or scars on face at the point of support of spectacles.