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Netradeep Eye Hospital is equipped with the world's most advanced Technology for cataract surgery, like Alcon Infinity Vision system,  Zeiss visu 210 Microscope and Zeiss IOL Master to treat the cataract with the greatest efficiency.

What is cataract ?
Generally our eye works like a camera. Just like camera there is one transparent lens in our eye. Cataract is nothing but clouding of natural lens which normally remains transparent. This change makes clear lens hazy and stiff. so that the person can feel the light and darkness but can't see clearly

What causes the cataract ?

Normally cataract is caused by the age. Cataract comes after the age of 40 or it may occur due to some disease of the eye or some general diseases. General diseases like diabetes, tetany, renal disorders, arthritis and few other rare conditions like injury in eye. Steroids medications local or systemics on long time use may cause cataract.

Symptoms of Cataract :-

1. Dimness in vision without pain
2. Frequently change in the refractive power
3. Need of more light for reading.
4. Difficulty in night driving and color differentiation.

What is the remedy for Cataract ?

1. Treatment for cataract is always by operation to remove the opaque lens from eye.
2. No medicine or drops can remove the cataract or opacity of lens.

When to go for operation ?

Cataract can be removed when it causes visual disturbances. It is better to opetate at early stage because:

1. Operation is easy.
2. Cataract may become hypermature and may fall back into the vitreous cavity and it can induce glaucoma.

The Ultimate Phacoemulcifitation System, Alcon-Infinity Vision
System for microincision cataract surgery under topical anesthesia

How the operation is done ? Is it safe ?

  • ECCE (Extra Capsular Cataract Extraction): Whole cataract is extracted and capsule is left behind. Lens is kept in the capsular bag. In this procedure the incision is 12 to 14mm and sutures are done.

  • Phacoemulcifitation :In this procedure cataract is dissolved or emulsified with ultra sound in to small pieces and sucked out through the small incision. Then Intra Ocular Lens (IOL) is placed in the capsular bag. Here the incision is 5 to 6mm and no need of sutures.

  • Phacoemulcification with Foldable IOL :This is the most advanced techique. In this surgery a soft lens which can be folded, is implanted through a incision of 2.2 to 2.8 mm. Obviously fast recovery, more safety & less surgical induced astigmatism so superior vision quality.

                Benefits of foldable IOL :-

                        + No Sutures.
                        + No Injections.
                        + No Ped.
                        + No Hospitalization.
                        + No Need of rest.
                        + No Glass (Multifocal).
                        + Less Astigmatism.
                        + Less Complications.
                        + Less PCO

Multifocal IOL